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Welcome to the website of 2359 (Woolton) Air Cadets. As a squadron we partake in a large amount of events & activities, which include but is not limited to: Armed Forces day, Normandy Visits, Flying, Shooting, and more...

As a cadet you'll have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of new skills and experience things that no average teenager would. You will be supported by a framework of enthusiastic and trained to help you acheive the most that you can at your time at our squadron. You must be 12 or over and under 17 to join as a cadet.

If you are over 20 years old you may have the chance to join as an adult volunteer or with the civilian committee. As an adult volunteer you will be trained and have the chance to join an active team with helping the cadets acheive their potential. As a member of the civilian committe you will be tasked helping the functionality of the squadron, this includes organising fundraising for new equipment, providing welfare assistance and getting involved with the local community. Send a joining form to learn more!

Please feel free to browse our site and find out more about what we do!


Our squadron plays a vital role in the comminity and has helped raise thousands for various charities.

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Our cadets are up to a lot every week, from flying & gliding, to shooting and sports...

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Hello on behalf of 2359 Woolton Squadron, and welcome to this squadrons website.

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